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Phalaenopsis Orchid , flowers, Gardening, Moth Orchid , pest free, To repot, remove all old medium from the roots, trim off rotted roots, and spread the

flower spike, flower spikes, phalaenopsis orchids : Hello Rae. Now I need to know exactly how to trim my plants after they are done flowering , I have 2

Cultural information and advice on Phalaenopsis Orchids or the Moth Orchid . or ideally has one or two flowers left, you can trim off the spike to around

9 Feb 2008 Trim the bloom stalk off when all flowers have died off. When the flowers are gone and there is only leaves then fertilze according to your orchid fertilizer brand.

4 Nov 2008 Hi Hi Hi!!! This is a picture of my new PHALAENOPSIS (and my little Jade plant beside it, ) . Once it has finished flowering and looks like it will.

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