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8 Dec 2008 It really is very easy to make it in a blender in a matter of minutes. In addition, try the following easy way to use homemade powdered

17 mai 2009 I want to grind my granulated sugar into powdered sugar . I've read that you can put it in a blender . It works, but my blender doesn't "move" the sugar or

Put the blender on a high setting, but turn the speed down as the sugar grinds finer. Then turn the blender on in shorter bursts as the sugar turns to powder .

For each cup of confectioner's sugar : Add one cup of regular granulated sugar to the blender . Blend (pulse) until it turns to powder .

Don't overload or put too much sugar in the blender at one time. Don't change proportions of sugar to cornstarch; it might change the taste of the powdered

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