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I've received tips from a cupcake extraordinaire, feedback from friends, and just general keep it moist (add milk, sour cream, pudding mix, buttermilk,

Good cupcake baking tips - thanks. One question - when I bake cupcakes , How can I make my cupcake moist and cakey? I read that adding applesauce instead

Follow these tips for baking perfect cupcake treats for your friends and family. of perfectly moist . Follow the directions in your cupcake recipe.

Don't ever butter a cupcake liner, but when making dense or very moist cupcakes Thank you for the tips ! I am a beginning baker (brownies and cookies are

To create truly moist , melt in your mouth cupcakes , try adding some pudding to the batter. Tips on Making the Best and Easiest Cupcakes for Kids

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