cutting orchid spike


12 Feb 2008 flower spike , phalaenopsis orchids , bloom season: Hi Ken, Yes, go ahead and cut the spike off once the current blooms fall off.

24 Feb 2007 once the spike turns brown go ahead and cut it off. As long as it is green, there is always a chance it could send out buds again. The type of orchid would

Should I cut the spike off my Phalaenopsis or Doritaenopsis Orchid now that the flowers are nearly all spent?This question has been asked numerous times on

Do I cut the spike back when my orchid is finished blooming? My plant has dropped some leaves. It is ok? I've got black spots on my leaves, what could this

21 Jun 2007 I was reading in an orchid book that you are supposed to cut back the stem after the plant is done flowering, but unfortunately I misread I cut the.

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