homemade fleece scarves


TIP: Fleece scarves make a great gift, or for a creative touch, wrap your next present by tying it up with a bought or homemade fleece scarf.

Cozy Fleece Scarf. Materials needed: Scissors 2 yards of fleece material. Open fold, then cut down the middle to make 2 separate scarfs , or 3 depending

1 Nov 2008 One of my favorite things to do with fleece is make a fleece scarf. Homemade fleece scarves are a quick and easy gift idea for any occasion.

3 Nov 2006 Nov 03, 2006 Another thing I like to make in the winter are handmade fleece scarves . It seems like my kids are forever losing stuff,

Making Fleece Scarves for Gifts. Did you know that you can make scarves from fleece , These make warm, pretty scarves . Nobody will know they're homemade !

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