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Ted Neeley . Neeley while touring with Jesus Christ Superstar in San Diego, California, January 2008. Born, Teddie Joe Neeley September 20, 1943 (1943-09-20 )

Back in 1973, I saw Jesus Christ superstar at our local drive-in. Ted Neeley had me from that moment. Throughout the years I collected anything I could find

Starring TED NEELEY of the groundbreaking motion picture featuring JAMES DELISCO as Judas. Jesus Christ Superstar TM © 1996

The "39 Lashes" scene in Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) was so realistic that his mother walked out on it. Mrs. Neeley had never laid a hand on young Ted in

24 déc 2008 Ted Neeley est un acteur et compositeur américain né le 20 septembre 1973 : Jesus Christ Superstar : Jesus Christ ; 1977 : The Shadow of

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