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What testimony did John the Baptist give about Jesus ' claims? Matthew 21:32 - Jesus said John came in the way of righteousness.

"They asked him [ John the Baptist ], 'Then who are you? Are you Elijah?' Because the coming Elijah was not a person. Everybody thought it would be a person.

10 sep 2009 Le 24 juin, jour de la Saint Jean- Baptiste , la coutume veut que l'on Saint Jean- Baptiste , fils de Zacharie et d'Elisabeth, était le cousin de Jésus . De : Said (Kas117) Un coeur pur pénétré de l'esprit de Dieu

Surely Jesus had this in mind when he said , “There has never appeared anyone greater than John the Baptist . Yet the least in the kingdom is greater than

Part 2 of 4. Discover what Jesus said about the ministry of John the Baptist in Matthew 11:2-30.

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