fleece blanket pillow pattern


The blanket folds up into the pocket –creating a pillow . This simple quillow is made of fleece . Any blanket or quilt can be made into a quillow by attaching

This reversible fleece blanket and matching pillow is perfect for winter Use whatever fleece pattern you want your warm and cozy fleece blanket to have.

The pillow blanket consists of a fleece blanket with a pocket at one corner. . 27 person 28 piece of cloth material for 14 30 decorative pattern on 28 32

17 Oct 2006 There are SO many different fleece patterns that come out each fall that it is easy to . Fleece Quillow Blanket Pillow Sports Football *

Make a Fleece Blanket (or quilt) into a Pillow Quilt. Any quilt or fleece blanket can be made into a pillow quilt by making the pocket as described below.

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