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The gallon of Pure Maple Syrup is surely the best buy at the farm. Many of our customers purchase the gallon size then they divide it in their own smaller

Cooking Measurements question: How much does one gallon of maple syrup weigh? About 11 lbs About 11 lbs.

Vermont Organic Maple Syrup . Maple Syrup , made locally here by us and our neighbors. One Gallon (128 fl.oz) Vermont Organic in a Plastic Jug

Share with family and friends the great taste of pure maple syrup from Amish country in Ohio. They collect hundreds of gallons of sap to make a small

Gallon Can, Vermont Maple Syrup . A Robb Family Farm item, shipped from W. Brattleboro, Vermont. maple syrup . Gallon Can, Vermont Maple Syrup , 128 oz.;

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