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21 mars 2009 : Canadiens contre Maple Leafs . Ça m'a toujours intrigué que les Maple Leafs portent un uniforme bleu. C'est quand même une référence directe au

The NHL has finally released the schedule for the 2009 -2010 schedule and here's a first look at the Toronto Maple Leafs ' schedule . Home Highlights

The Maple Leafs 2009 -2010 schedule was released today. And since we already have a pretty good idea what all the rosters will look like next year,

15 Jul 2009 We have posted an updated version of the the newly released NHL schedule for the Toronto Maple Leafs . No TV schedules as of yet,

The 2009 -10 regular season schedule is here! The season begins Oct. 1 against the rival The nine-game 2009 preseason schedule has been announced,

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