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29 Jun 2008 tub spout, torx screwdriver, tub faucet : It sounds like you are on the right track. You are already ahead of most first timers.

Delta tub and shower cartridge . Diverter Stem BrassCraft * SL0160. $17.99 Add to Cart. Diverter stem for Delta and single lever faucets . Push button.

How to Repair a Tub -and-Shower Valve. With Video! You repair a two-handled shower valve just as you would a compression or cartridge faucet in a sink (see

11 Dec 2006 Hi folks, I have a single handle Moen tub faucet that I'm trying to do some work on. A little description first. My bathtub faucet is teardrop shaped.

Changing a faucet cartridge on a shower/ tub diverter can be a bit challenging but at least you don't have to shut off the main water supply.

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