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The Miracle Blanket has a unique swaddling blanket which keeps even the The miracle blanket arrived and I want you to know that my grandson slept 6

Miracle Blanket - Green with Beige Trim Swaddle Blanket At last, the perfect swaddle made easy! Miracle Blanket earned the "thumbs up" from the Good

The Miracle Blanket has been designed to make swaddling easy and has so many benefits that are recognised by parents and midwives alike.

Swaddling baby to sleep is easy with a Miracle Blanket . Swaddled babies sleep longer & better - Miracle Blanket gives new parents the gift of sleep.

your e-mailed receipt with any Miracle Blanket purchase! snugness of the uterus, the blanket provides a tight swaddle that leaves little wiggle room.

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