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6 Feb 2009 If your child is infected with Roseola he may have a high fever followed It is very likely that Roseola be accompanied by cold, cough or

Toddlers are generally solid and resilient people. However, when your toddler is sick, it can be very frustrating and even sometimes scary. One of the most.

20 Apr 2008 My 2 year old has been running a fever between 103 and now it's up to 104.5. First of all, your POOR BABY!!! Now, I'd take her to the ER regardless of what

8 Mar 2008 Your toddler's behavior is a factor, too — a high fever that doesn't stop him Be sure to mention other symptoms, too, such as a cough ,

Cough in babies and toddlers can be distressing for any parent. Other symptoms can include a low fever , high -pitched wheezing when breathing and

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