fondant icing cupcakes


Create holiday cupcakes by baking and icing the cupcakes as usual. Then take the fondant and create holiday specific decorations. You can use cookie cutters

Fill 24 cupcake cases ½ full, either put in a muffin tin to help them keep Melt the fondant icing very carefully with the liquid glucose in a bowl set

I bought the silver cupcake papers. The icing is fondant icing that I bought pre -made from my local cake decorating shop. It comes in about a pound block

covering the cupcakes & decorating. You can be as fancy as you want when decorating cupcakes with icing , fondant or candy melts.

I have recived a lot of questions regarding the use of poured fondant icing on cupcakes . So in this tutorial I will try to show you how to cover cupcakes

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